2016 Col. William Henshaw Chapter Officers


The Colonel William Henshaw Chapter held its annual election at our meeting on Saturday, December 12, 2015.  I’m pleased to announce the Officers of the Colonel William Henshaw Chapter for 2016.

President – Brent J. Andersen

First Vice President – Joseph Gauthier

Vice President – Doug Harris

Secretary – Allan Van Wert

Treasurer – Stephen G. Perkins

Membership Chair – William J. Higgins

Awards & Medals Chair – Verne Thayer

Chaplain – Wesley H. Wratchford

Genealogy Chairs – Richard Legeaux and Richard Pierce

2016 Col. William Henshaw Officers

2016 Col. William Henshaw Officers – Richard Legeaux, Doug Harris, Verne Thayer, Brent Andersen, Wesley H. Wratchford, Stephen G. Perkins, Allan Van Wert.  (Not pictured – Joseph Gauthier, William J. Higgins and Richard Pierce)


Libertas Et Patria,

Wesley H. Wratchford
President, Col. William Henshaw Chapter
Massachusetts Society Sons of the American Revolution