Eagle Scout Award

I’ve been busy giving out Eagle Scout awards this summer. Three in Uxbridge, MA  this past June to  Jonathan Robert,  Jack Coyne , and  Thomas Bullock  of Troop 1122. Then two  to  Samuel James Hockenbury and Stephen James Foley of Troop 1 in Hopedale, MA.
And today I gave out an Eagle Scout Award to Paul Edmond Howarth of Troop 107 in Grafton, MA.  One thing that all these young men have in common is a strong Character, great parents who take an active role in their son, and a dedicated team of scout leaders. A lot of people do not realize the work that these Scout Leaders put in. They are workers just like you and I. They have a family to raise, and everyday things to do around the house and family activities just like us. But then they also take on the responsibility of being a Scout leader. That in tails planing trips, activities, training, and keeping track of all the scouts needs for progressing though the ranks. Not leaving anyone behind and making sure that they all feel good about themselves and are enjoying scouting. 

My Hat goes off to them. I’m happy to see that all the different towns that I have been to, that they all have dedicated leaders.